What we are not

Many resorts try to offer something for everyone and combine families, honeymoons, singles and groups together. We have decided to be the very best for couples on a romantic getaway or a wellness vacation.

In addition to the information on our website we also tell you what are not. We do so with the spirit of setting expectations and honesty in what your experience will be and what it will not be. We have found that when expectations are clear and met, we have happy guests.

Top Five in Aruba, with casual, fine-dining

While not a Michelin rated restaurant, we are one of the top in our class of elegantly casual fine-dining restaurants.  Using a restaurant rating scale from $ - $$$$$, we deliver quality $$$$ level food and service and an unbeatable beachfront atmosphere.

Adults only dining

Our restaurant, like our resort does not accommodate groups or events. We have one table on request for 6 persons but otherwise our tables accommodate four persons and you will find many couples enjoying a romantic meal at Elements. These policies enable us to deliver a truly elegant Caribbean experience.

Serene and Romantic

Our guests choose us for the quiet, romantic atmosphere and the ability to enjoy the sound of the ocean, the breeze and each other, free of loud music and entertainment during dinner hours. Personal speakers or the use of speakerphone are not allowed at the restaurant.

Our SandBar is exclusive in serving our resort and restaurant guests only

Indeed, we are serious about our promises of atmosphere and therefore our beach bar - The SandBar, is exclusive to and open only to our resort and restaurant guests. When joining us for dinner, you are welcome to have a drink at the bar before or after dinner, or at your table.


We accept all major credit cards to settle your bill and we do not accept cash. Our hotel guests may charge their bar and restaurant bill to their room.

Healthy portions

After an abundance of feedback that our portions were too large, we adjusted to European portions. You will enjoy a satisfying meal with quality ingredients and healthy portions that will not leave you feeling uncomfortably full or caused excess food to return to the kitchen.

Leisurely Dining

We take pleasure in serving restaurant guests from around the world. Within our local and Dutch culture, we live in the moment and celebrate an evening meal in a leisurely pace, unhurried. Frequent checks by your server or presenting a check prior to be asked for it would be considered rude. Other cultures prefer faster service and frequent checks by our servers and we are happy to accommodate. If you prefer faster service and frequent checks, please inform your server who will adjust their pace as much as possible to satisfy your desire.

Not a good place for smokers

Smoking cigarettes and e-cigarettes is only permitted in two designated areas of the resort, apart from the restaurant. Smoking of cigars is not allowed anywhere in the resort premises. This policy aligns with our environmental practices and offers a healthy space for guests on their romantic vacation.

Appropriate Attire

During the daytime, casual attire appropriate for outdoor, casual elegance is appropriate. We also accommodate local business people who enjoy our cuisine and stunning views at lunch. Therefore, you will find a range during the day from office attire to to shorts and polos. (Bathing suits not appropriate attire in restaurants in Aruba.)

In the evening, casual elegance, resort wear is appropriate.

Sunday Brunch
Join us at our weekly Sunday Brunch served at our Tara Lounge, both in the comfort of our airconditioned area or the outdoor deck.
Authentic Aruban and Caribbean Buffet
Available daily for Lunch & Dinner, except Sundays and December 31st. Enjoy traditional favorites: Pan Bati, Plantains, Aruban Cerviche, Seafood Salad, Sulz, Blood Sausage, Local Cucumber or Papaya Stoba, Beef or Chicken Stews, Fish or Chicken Soup, Jerk Chicken, Caribbean seafood Paella and a Pasta Station.  Desserts include Flan, Cashew, Cake, Fruit Cake and more.
Lunch Menu
In addition to the many delicious choices on our a la carte menu, we offer an Authentic Aruban & Caribbean Buffet from Monday - Saturday from 12:30-3pm.  Gluten-Free options available on request.
Dinner Menu
Dinner Menu
The ingredients used by our kitchen have been carefully sourced for quality and freshness. Select your favorite from the World Cuisine, Vegan & Vegetarian menu, or Gluten-Free section. 
Vegan Dinner Menu
Exciting new menu items create the most exciting Vegan gourmet menu on the island.
Private Romantic Dining Menu
Private Romantic Dining
Romantic dining with an array of flavors accompanied by pastel skies transitioning to bright moonlit stars. Enjoy a special 6-course meal for 2 in a private beach palapa with the tropical breeze caressing your skin. Sunset or Moonlight seating. $195 + tax, bottle of wine included. 

Test menu 2
Wine Menu

Wine spectator recognizes our wine list with an Award of Excellence. Itís been said that wine is the temperate, civilized, sacred, romantic mealtime beverage. We agree. Whether you are a lover of Old World Wines (French, German, Italian) or New World Wines (US, New Zealand, Chile), we have a selection for your consideration. 

Refreshing Mocktails & Smoothies
Healthy mocktails & smoothies are refreshing and nutritious.  Available all day at SandBar and Elements. Half priced during Healthy Hour at 3-4pm daily at the SandBar. 

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Beverage Menu
Our friendly bartenders at SandBar mix your favorite drink or can recommend a new and creative option for your enjoyment! SandBar is exclusive to Elements diners and Bucuti & Tara Beach Resorts guests.
Bar Snacks
Enjoy some of our bar snacks any time of day.
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